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  1. Greeney03 Administrator

    It's been a topic for a long time now, and apparently it's still alive:

    "We’re open-minded and we’re seriously considering it," said Padres interim CEO Tom Garfinkel to Bill Center of The San Diego Union-Tribune when asked about moving the fences in at Petco Park. “We’d have to submit plans by the end of the season," he added. "I don’t think a final decision needs to be made until October."

  2. Padres are away from Petco for 11 straight days at the end of May....they could in theory hit June with a brand new hope for success.....I have no doubt that they could get that done in 11 days if they wanted too.....

    Yes I realize it wont happen until next season, but I'm just sayin it could, and fans would go nuts for it
  3. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    No way in 11 days and why would fans go nuts for it?
  4. Because Fink is a marketing super freak and would be able to spin this into a frenzy......Of this I have NO doubt.....

    And if Extreme Home Makeover can rebuild an entire house in 5 days, they can put up a damn fence in 11 with more resources... lol
  5. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    It take more than just the physical work. You know this. This is way more complicated than a house.

    Lol no one at the Padres is a marketing super freak. And I like Garfinkel.
  6. I disagree on both parts, but as I said I know it wont get done until the off season..... Garf is a marketing super freak just looking for something he can spin to try and stick butts in the's what he does man
  7. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    A marketing super freak would have butts in the seats. He does not.

    And you honestly think try just tear it down and then move it randomly? "yeah this looks about right, let put dem fences right here Cletus."

    S*** takes more thought than that.
  8. Randomly? They've got design options available, notes from 7 years worth of discussions, willy nilly isn't what we're talking about at all...

    It would never happen anyway....they have to seek approval from MLB and I believe it's against the rules to alter during a season...
  9. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Exactly. It takes longer than a few weeks to get in order and execute. It would be stupid to do mid season anyway.
  10. Talondor Member

    Why move in the fences? There is no reason to. Any perceived advantage the Padres would get visiting teams would as well. It would at best be a wash and would not make the Padres better hiters.

    It's not he fences anyway, they have already been moved in once or twice early on. It's the strikeouts.
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