Padres CEO blames Zack Greinke for his own broken collarbone, calls him “Rain Man”

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    Stay classy, San Diego.

    Jeff Passan of Yahoo! reports that, the day after the Padres-Dodgers brawl, Padres President and CEO Tom Garfinkel told Padres season ticket holders that Zack Greinke was to blame for is own injury, saying that Greinke threw at Quentin on purpose and that he shouldn’t have put his shoulder down when the much larger Quentin rushed at him. Oh, and then this:

    “He threw at him on purpose, OK?” Garfinkel told an estimated crowd of 40 or 50 at Petco Park on Friday, a day after the fight. “That’s what happened. They can say 3-and-2 count, 2-1 game, no one does that. Zack Greinke is a different kind of guy. Anyone seen ‘Rain Man’? He’s a very smart guy.”

    Which is apparently a dig at Greinke’s well-known history with social anxiety disorder. Passan notes that Garfinkel has apologized for that comment.

    The audio of Garfinkel being a knucklehead is here.


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  2. xelance Member

    ahahahaha good for him!!!! I love it.
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    Garfinkel's apology:

    "I was emotional the day after the game and regrettably, while defending our player, I said some things I shouldn't have, especially as it relates to Zack Greinke," Garfinkel told Yahoo! Sports. "I was out of line and I apologize.

    "Obviously, I don't condone fighting and I wish it wouldn't have happened. You never want to see any player get hurt."
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    BOO!!! He shouldn't have apologized, F Greinke...he brought it upon himself. I agree the Rain Man and his social anxiety comment got a lil too personal though.
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  5. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Yeah dumb move. We all thought it, but it's not something you actually say in Finkle's position.
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    Are our pitchers trained on how to take it to the ground without getting injured? That's all I want to know.
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    Are our catchers trained to protect our pitchers?

    Honestly though Bill, is there anyone on the staff that would kill the Padres if they got injured? No.
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    It is always nice to have a backup plan. Catchers and pitchers need to be trained. But a charging 240 linebacker can be abosrbed with no injury by sidestepping and taking it to the ground. Not squaring up and meeting him head-on :eek:
  10. SDSUBaseball Go Blues!

    Ellis just stood there like an idiot.
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