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  1. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    Don't know if anyone is interested, but me, and a bunch of my friends are coming to SD for the Padres/Rockies game on May 10th. Anyone else feel like joining us? Right now, there are 9 of us planning on going (only 6 definite). Let me know, and maybe we can all get seats together.
  2. Greeney03 Administrator

    Tempting...I'll let you know if I can go.
  3. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    Update on this game: It'll be Maddux's next attempt at 350. Takers?
  4. Greeney03 Administrator

    I really really wish I could go! TC will go for sure though.
  5. chilli311 Ain't Nothin' but a Fig Thing

    TC, you in? If you are, let me know. I'm getting our tickets ahead of time. We're looking at getting the good seats though, so if you feel like joining us, let me know.
  6. jacs Member Since '05

    The way the team is playing i am sure that there will be a lot of space for all of you.
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  7. Greeney03 Administrator

    Classic jacs... :)
  8. jacs Member Since '05

    Is the attendance down this year?

    I have seen a lot of emtpy seats this year.
  9. Greeney03 Administrator

    Yes, I posted an article here few weeks ago. Check it out in Padres Top Stories forum.
  10. TCFriarFan Guest

    I would love to, but I will be in the Bay Area Saturday. I have an aunt there…she had a chemo treatment end and figured it would be a good time…

    I would love to see Maddux pick up #350 though and meet some other Padres fans….next time!
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